Clear Creek County Real Estate

Specializing in Denver Metro, Idaho Springs, St. Mary’s Glacier & Georgetown 


Welcome to Our Community!

Idaho Springs and Clear Creek County as a whole have some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, in our humble opinions. We feel so blessed to live here in a great area with an incredible surrounding community. That’s why we love Idaho Springs real estate! It allows us to do what we love in the places we love.

It’s simple – we help families, couples and even first time buyers find the perfect home in the perfect place for them and add them to a great community. Our involvement in the community doesn’t end in real estate. We are involved with many local organizations, charities, and events. Because our lives have been so touched by this beautiful piece of Colorado, we can only hope that we are making an impact here as well. Our love for this area and this community spill into every part of our life.

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What Do We Do?

We build great customer relationships. Our clients often turn into friends. Whether we’re helping our clients buy and/or sell, we focus on service. Real estate is a process and we make each step clear to our buyers or sellers to ensure they are on board with what’s next. As people who have been the clients in many situations, we know the importance of communication and collaboration. We learned what to do and what not to do so we can be the best Idaho Springs real estate has to offer.

Communities We Sell

For the past several years we have been amongst the top agents in sales and customer satisfaction in the Denver Metro Area and Clear Creek County.  Recently we have opened an office in Idaho Springs to better serve our clients in Georgetown, St. Mary’s Glacier, Idaho Springs, and the surrounding mountain communities.  As we continue to meet new people and expand our practice, our love for the area grows!
Let Debbra Jo Abeyta be your “Go-To-Girl” for all of your real estate needs.
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