A Community:
Clear Creek County, Colorado


There is no community quite like this one in Clear Creek County, Colorado. The small town feel where people support and encourage each other is very much alive in the area. The strong sense of community is one of things that drew us here and is part of what has allowed us to see so much success in our real estate endeavors. With our business and in the way we spend our free time, we hope we can give back just a little to this community that we love so dearly.

Where are we involved?

Deb is the President of the Property Owners’ Association for St. Mary’s Glacier and Bart is a board member of the MetroDistrict for St. Mary’s Glacier to contribute to upkeep of the area. Both of us volunteer our time to the boards to help better the community as much as possible. We want to be aware of challenges the community is facing and we look to solve them in any way possible – whether through volunteering or the business.



Charitable Efforts

We are always willing to help. Whether the need is small or large, we contribute to the community that has given us so much and that we love. Real estate allows us to be involved in Clear Creek County, Colorado because we are helping our clients make the biggest purchase of their lives. As new people enter the community, we already have relationships with them.


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