Colorado Mountain Homes


Colorado Mountain Homes

The Colorado mountains have always been a retreat for snow skiers, hikers, bikers, and front-porch-sitters wanting to get away from the city. But, now more than ever, people are flocking to Colorado, not just for weekend fun, but to plant their roots permanently. Luckily, there are plenty of great Colorado mountain homes that they can make their own! Read on to learn about the incredible housing options and why people are looking to move to our Colorado communities.

Fleeing Cities

Historically, urban cities have been the place to be with buzzing nightlife, ample job opportunities, shopping, and entertainment. But, after stay-at-home restrictions came into play, many people became stuck at home with limited things to do. People quickly began to re-examine their residence and what they wanted in life, turning to places like Colorado. Between the slower-pace, beautiful scenery, and outdoor activities, Colorado truly offers a higher quality of life to residents!

Booming Real Estate Market

The combination of low interest rates and the need for more space are driving the real estate market in Colorado. With the rise of people working and schooling from home, families are needing to find homes that function better during these times. Colorado mountain homes are selling quickly right now, which is not only great for sellers, but also for buyers wanting options. Whether you want a traditional ‘cabin in the woods’ look, or a more modern design, The Debbra Jo Abeyta Team can help you find the perfect place! Every time we engage with our clients, we listen to their needs and focus on transparent communication in order to find a home that is a perfect fit.

The Debbra Jo Abeyta team gladly serves the Denver Metro Area, Idaho Springs, Georgetown, St. Mary’s Glacier, and surrounding mountain communities. If you’re ready to settle down in a Colorado, or sell your home in a great market, we’re here to help! Visit our website to view our Colorado mountain homes, or reach out to us to get started with your real estate journey.

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